Thank The Client



How Thank the Client Has Helped Business

I have been using Thank The Client for the past year, and I have gotten three listings from past clients! Staying on top of your past clients can be very tough and with Thank The Client, it makes it very easy to stay right in front of your clients. The feedback has been extremely positive. Such a great way to let our clients know how thankful and appreciative we are for their business and also give them a value added coupon to great places. The postcards look so professional, great way to advertise yourself and very reasonable. I will continue to use Thank The Client. It has truly made a difference in my business. I would recommend to anyone. - Julie Harris, RE/MAX Advantage Plus

" Thank the Client is the absolute best way to stay in touch with past clients, friends and prospects. It's a plug-n-play, affordable and effective tool everyone should use. People notice them and they pay it forward. In fact, I ran into a client at Whole Foods thanking me for the postcard coupon and asking me what deal I will be sending him next month. Another past client in marketing ran into me at Starbucks and said she sees all kinds of postcards and uses different tools with past clients and appreciated getting one she will actually use. Best part of it all I just had a closing today from a past client referral thanks to Thank the Client. Boom!" - Kevin Curtis, RE/MAX Advantage Plus

" I have been using the Thank the Client post cards for the last 4 months. I send them to my past clients and 25 strategic influencers around my community and friends. Every month I will get between 3 to 5 calls thanking me for the postcard and when I bump into one of the 25 at an event or get together they always mentioned the post cards. Thanks to calls and conversations generated by the cards, I have listed 1 property and now have an excuse to reach out to all my past client on a monthly basis. I would recommend the Thank the Client campaign to all agents!" - Rodolfo " RT" Trujillo, RE/MAX Advantage Plus

Thank the client is a great tool to stay in touch with my past and current clients to keep my name top of mind. I am actually listing a house next week from a former client who referred me to her friend. When I showed up to the property to meet the new client she had my latest postcard on her dining table and said her friend gave this to her with my contact information on it. Loved seeing that as it validates what I wanted this card to do! I love that everything is set up and I can add a little personal call to action or quote on the back of the card. Hands down, simple, cost-effective marketing to stay in touch. - Jen Forliti, RE/MAX Results

" I have been farming my neighborhood this past year. We have taken two new listings and now two sales directly from Thank The Client. Neighbors have commented how they have me on their fridge and having been using the offers each month." - Ryan O'Neill, RE/MAX Advantage Plus

" Thank the Client is GREAT and it really works! I am newer to the business so I do not have a lot of past clients but have been sending to my sphere and every month I add 5-10 people (mostly people in my neighborhood). I just received a call from a neighbor that lives about 4 doors down. He called to set up an appointment to discuss the possibility of him selling his home. When I made the connection for him about who I was he was thrilled to have someone who knows the neighborhood so well! Thank you Thank The Client!" - Michelle Moen, RE/MAX Advantage Plus

" Thank the Client allows me to stay in front of my clients softly while providing a value they can see. I can personalize as much or as little as I choose...Hands down one of the best marketing tools I have used." - Megan Eagledale RE/MAX Advantage Plus

I have been using Thank the Client since I first started in real estate and my clients love it! I often receive text messages or FB posts with photos of the postcard or my client at the establishment using the discount. I know this is keeping ME top-of-mind with my clients when they need a realtor or when they are asked for a referral from a friend. And it's always a pleasure to offer a small token of appreciation to past clients and friends each month because who doesn't like a little "happy day" gift once in awhile? - Kirsten Tappe, RE/MAX Advantage Plus

I love " Thank the Client" monthly offerings; it allows me to stay " active" to friends, family and prior clients all year long. When I add this to other outreach efforts, I am able to stay top of mind to my best referral source. More than 80% of my business in the last 3 years has come from my sphere, so being able to give them something of value is a nice way to say " thanks for thinking of me" ...When I do see or talk to them, they often will mention the latest postcard offering or a recent one they used. The offers are great for my clients that live and work in all parts of the Twin Cities and feature well-known retailers/restaurants that are overall accessible and affordable. These keep my marketing efforts fresh, inexpensive and easy! - Sue Walker, RE/MAX Results