Frequently Asked Questions


In what format does my photo have to be?

 The ideal pixel range for your personal photo is 375 x 450 px (1.25 in x 1.5 in) at 300 dpi for personal photo and 375 x 200 (1.25 in x 0.67 in) at 300 dpi for logo (optional). If you are not sure about your size and format of your photo, you can upload the photo that you like and we can format it best to fit the desired space.


What is the Deadline for Making Changes Each Month?

  The deadline for making changes to your database, unmailed quantities, personalization and participation status is 12 Midnight, Central Time on the 15th of each month. For example, the January 2016 postcard deadline is Dec 15, 2016. If the 15th falls on a weekend, that deadline moves to the Friday before. Keep in mind no changes can be made after the deadline.


Can others agents from other companies order these postcards?

No, Thank The Client only partners with only one company in each field of business in each market.  


How often can I make various edits and changes to my database and unique customizations?

You may update your database or the personalized area of your postcard as often as you'd like (as long as they are done by the 10th of each month at 12 Noon CST.) Whatever data and personalization is in your account at this print deadline is what will be used for your order.  If you have already placed your order and need to make edits to your list, you can re-upload your list and the new list will replace your old one, as long as it is done by the 10th of the month.


Can I make changes to the portion of the postage that features my company

No. That area is reserved for the logo and marketing message of our exclusive company partners. The information is provided by and approved by your company's management team.


Can I order additional postcards after my order is placed?

Depending upon the time frame of the offer, we can occasionally honor requests for additional postcards. However, there is a minimum order of 250 for a custom print run/mailing. If the offer lasts just 30 days, it may be difficult to have these postcards delivered to your clients with enough time to redeem the offer. If the offer lasts more than 30 days, this may be more feasible to honor additional postcard requests. Please email us and we will do our best to honor your request.


When is my credit card charged?

If you are paying for one single month, your card will be charged at the time you submit your order. If you have subscribed to a 6 or 12 month program, we will charge your card for the first month at the time you place your order and for each following month, your card will be charged on the 15th of each month. You will receive a receipt via email or can access your receipts by logging into your account.


When are postcards mailed and delivered to the client's home?

Postcards are mailed to arrive in homes during the first week of each month. If you purchase unmailed postcards, they will be delivered between the 25th and 30th of each month (after the postcards have been printed on the 20th.) Because the USPS delivery times vary by location and time of year, we can't guarantee an exact delivery date. However, normally standard mail arrives to the individual home 4-10 days from the delivery date.


Is there a return service on mailed postcards?

No. Unlike first class mail, standard mail is delivered in bulk groupings and the US postal service does not offer return service on this type of mail. However, all databases are updated using the USPS National Change of Address information which will forward mail to new addresses before the postcards are sent out.


One of my clients said they did not receive their postcard.  How do I know it was mailed?

We receive verification from the post office from every mailing and can provide this certification upon request. But we cannot guarantee delivery of the postcard once it has become the responsibility of the USPS. There may be several reasons someone on your database does not receive or recall receiving a postcards. In some cases, the address you provided may be incomplete or incorrect, or you may not have updated it prior to the mailing deadline. Or in rare circumstances, a piece of mail is lost or damaged in transit by the USPS. Please contact us if you have any concerns about delivery.


Is there a Minimum Order?

Yes, we require a minimum order of 30 postcards.


How secure is my data and how do I know the uploaded database will not be used for other purposes?

Thank the Client, LLC does not use your contacts, your database for any other purpose than completing the order and sending out the postcards. We are a local, Minneapolis company and we pride ourselves on high integrity and outstanding customer service.


How much is shipping if I mail the postcards directly to my home and plan to put stamps on myself?

For unmailed postcards, the shipping costs are as follows:
50 or less = $6.95
51 - 100 = $8.95
101 - 150 = $10.95
151 or greater = $12.95
*Please note that these oversized postcards require a first-class stamp, as they are considered a letter size.


If two persons have different last names, how should first name (column A) and last name (column B) be filled out on the Excel spreadsheet that is uploaded?

First full name and the word "and" should be in column A. In column B, should be full second name. As an example, Tom Stevens and Mary Jones. On the excel document: list Tom Stevens and (in Column A) Mary Jones (in column B).


How do I find mailing addresses for past clients, friends, my sphere?

 There are a number of very good websites that can provide this information. For real estate agents, Realist (on NorthstarMLS) will give you access to all of the public tax records. In addition, is one that comes highly recommended and is very easy to use. Many have used the Intelius Premier option.