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Thank The Client


At Thank The Client, we make it easy for you to appreciate your clients and help generate consistent, ongoing referrals.

Each month, we send out a postcard (on your behalf) to your chosen list of past clients, friends, family, and your closest referral sphere. Each postcard has on one side: a unique offer of value to a local restaurant or entertainment venue (only available to customers of our company). Listed on the other side will be your name, photo, contact information, and personalized message to your client.

A phone call or email to your past clients is the standard routine. However, a postcard delivered each month with a unique offer of actual value is an extraordinary way to help build repeat business and generate ongoing referrals.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Our company works extremely hard to find and negotiate these outstanding, unique offerings for you and your clients.

Appreciate your past and present clients, your friends, family and closest referral sphere and they will return the favor of referring your name to their friends and family

Check out this plug and play option and get started here today.

What we believe

We too believe your clients should be appreciated: not only because they are your best ongoing referral sources, but because they deserve it!